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    The energy expert, Suha Eid, expressed her anger at what was reported in an article in an Egyptian weekly newspaper that she "proposes treatment with laps and kisses for some patients in Egypt." In a telephone conversation with Jaber Al-Qarmouti in the program, "Manchit Al-Qarmouti", Al-Nahar broadcast on Al-Nahar satellite channel what she said was that she would open a treatment center with laps and kisses. She said that she would sue anyone who published this speech and that she would file a complaint against journalists . The energy expert stressed that she had sued the Huffington Post website because of an article in which she said she had opened a center and an academy for cuddling and kissing. Eid pointed out that she is an expert in energy science, an ancient Chinese science looking at the best places to decorate homes, and she first revived this science and introduced it to the Arab world.



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