Energy level 23 September –

energy level

Aries should try to be as authentic as possible today, and for Cancer, this may not be the ideal day for big decisions.

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“Good morning Vienna”, September 23, 2022

Aries 70%

They like to put themselves in the limelight and thus make a big difference. However: do not under any circumstances pretend to others!

Trails 100%

If you want to change something, start today! Someone is there to help you.

twins 80%

You are happy that you can enjoy the closeness of a person. Show that you like this person too!

Krebs 50 %

Do you feel like changing? But first think about the area in which it would make the most sense!

lion 80%

You can make up with someone you care about. Maybe you are planning a trip together at the weekend!

virgin 50%

Pay special attention to your finances today. Set priorities and do without what is not absolutely necessary!

Libra 90%

Today you are highly motivated and full of energy. The important thing is that you don’t take on too much at once.

Scorpio 60%

A family member needs your support now. Help and don’t keep thinking about the possible negative consequences!

Protect 70%

You currently have a lot of ideas and you can also implement some of them. The rest can then follow after a relaxing weekend.

Capricorn 100%

You can prove your competence today by consciously showcasing your skills. This is particularly well received by the superiors.

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Aquarius 60%

You are counted on, and you should take your responsibilities seriously and keep promises.

fish 90%

Get involved in the upcoming changes! You find a highly creative solution to a problem.