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Original title: England, the European League, five rounds of humiliation and relegation to play the World Cup in this state?

Old hatred is not avenged, and new hatred is added! Tonight at the San Siro Stadium in Milan, we witnessed the humiliation of England. After they lost 0-1 away to Italy, they suffered a five-round defeat in the Europa League group stage and were relegated one round earlier! It was another humiliation for England by Italy following last year’s Euro Cup final defeat.

England, the third runner-up in the first UEFA Nations League, had a terrible performance in this tournament. Although they drew 1-1 away with Germany and 0-0 with Italy at home, they were double-played by Hungary for the first time, and 0-0 at Wembley Stadium. 4 Massacred! Before the away game against Italy, England already knew that they had no way out. To avoid relegation, they had to score points, and it was best to beat Italy away. Unfortunately, at the San Siro tonight, England not only failed to do this, but was also suppressed by Italy, who did not qualify for the World Cup.

Statistics show that England has not scored in the first half of five consecutive A-level matches. The last time this happened was back in 1987, 37 years ago! It should be pointed out that England’s last 3 A-level matches have failed, which is their longest goal drought since November 2000! For England, Italy is an insurmountable obstacle. The Three Lions have not won in the main game for 45 years. From these data, it is not difficult to see that this England team is constantly refreshing the lower limit, without the slightest demeanor of the European Cup runner-up.

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The fans who followed the team to San Siro booed the Three Lions after England’s performance was so bad, “It’s hard to explain why we didn’t score. I think we played well, but our last game of the night The quality of the pass was not good. I understand the reaction of the fans after the game because we didn’t get a satisfactory result in this game, which (boos) is an understandable emotional reaction.”

Perhaps, England coach Gareth Southgate has not yet realized that in the next UEFA Europa League, they will participate in the B-level group stage. At that time, the opponents will no longer be Germany and England, nor will they be the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal and other giants. The teams they face are basically second-tier or even third-tier teams in Europe, and the quality of the game has dropped significantly. The follow-up impact on the Three Lions will be immeasurable and may make England even worse. In other words, in the next two to three years, it will be difficult for England to have a chance to play against top giants in addition to the World Series. Therefore, the final round of England’s Europa League group stage against Germany will be watched and treasured by the Three Lions fans. .

However, England coach Gareth Southgate must improve the players’ competitive status. They have been winless in five UEFA Europa League matches, and they do not have much time to break in before the Qatar World Cup starts. If the Three Lions are still in this state on the day of the tournament, then the World Cup will be hopeless.

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