England Back to Using Coal Again, RI Sure to Retire PLTU?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – In the midst of incessantly developed countries campaigning for the use of new and renewable energy (EBT) and calling for abandoning fossil energy, especially coal, in fact the UK is now back using coal-based Steam Power Plants (PLTU).

The energy crisis that is now engulfing the UK and several European countries illustrates that we cannot necessarily rely entirely on new and renewable energy.

The use of gas as an energy source which is considered cleaner than coal at this time also does not help, because in addition to increasing demand due to economic activity gradually recovering even though it is still in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, gas prices have even jumped 250% due to limited supply due to cessation of production facilities in the United States to the issue of manipulation of the Russian gas company Gazprom to boost prices.

When the price of gas rises “insanely”, it is inevitable that power generation producers in the UK tend to switch to coal because the cost is cheaper.

This is a portrait that the transition from fossil energy to more environmentally friendly energy is not that easy to carry out.

This was acknowledged by the power generation company, Drax, Thursday (23/9/2021). Dependence on natural gas whose price has doubled since May, prompting the authorities to take this route as a solution for electricity to stay on for residents.

“This facility (the power plant) has fulfilled an important role in keeping the residents’ lights on when the energy system is under considerable stress,” Drax said in a statement to AFP on Friday (24/9/2021).

Drax has the largest power plant in the country. Located in Yorkshire North England.

“We know this country may have pressing issues right now and if there’s something Drax can do, we’ll do it,” Chief Executive Will Gardiner told the Financial Times.

On the other hand, Indonesia as a developing country tries to follow the campaigns of developed countries to leave coal and switch to new and renewable energy. Indonesia even plans to phase out coal-based Steam Power Plants (PLTU) starting in 2025.