Enikő Muri’s cup is full: her partner Szabi Tóth’s weight and appearance were criticized – Hazai star

Enikő Muri In the new season of Nyerő Páros, he proves his love together with his partner, Szabi Tóth.

However, the musician seems to be in trouble with viewers, as commentators are increasingly criticizing his weight and appearance.

Enikő Muri’s partner

Two members of the band Sugarloaf, Enikő Muri and Szabi Tóth, have been together for three years, which they have kept secret until now. In recent days, the singer’s partner received a lot of hurt and negative comments at the same time as the start of the Winning Couple. He felt that he could no longer leave this without words.

“I am shocked to read what the powerful armchair hussars write. Not about me, but about my partner, Szabi. I won’t get into what kind of person he is, because he’s perfect for me! I love Him with all His faults. And He loves me the same way. But the kind of hurt, insults, kicking and malice that comes from these people pushed me to stand up for Szabi. Stand up for us. Because there is a limit, and I think it has been crossed a lot,” the singer wrote in her Instagram post.

Enikő Muri explained that she doesn’t understand why you have to worry about how your partner eats, or even how he looks. He asked commenters not to give relationship advice, as it crosses a certain line.

Do you think it’s okay to hurt someone because of who they are?

– You will never accept anyone again, will you? Can you look in the mirror after a mean, hurtful comment? – highlighted the singer.

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Edina Kulcsár and Dániel Törőcsik

Edina Kulcsár and Dániel Törőcsik, who became known with the series Éjjel-nappal Budapest, dated in 2016.

Modern times – Ancient behavior or the foundations of human nature

November guest of the Femina Club Vilmos Csányi will be an ethologist, with whom they will talk about, among other things With Nora Szilywith the hostess of the evenings, why does our ancient, biological heritage cause so much tension in modern Western civilization.

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