Enjoy a Mediterranean Tapas Buffet at Barcelona’s Limbo Restaurant & Lounge Club

In this country we are very into bars and going out tapear it is one of the greatest pleasures. Some cold beers, some glasses of wine, some tapas to share like this in an informal way… when what we feel like is snack on the most popular dishes surrounded by friends, tapas are the best solution.

Today we can find buffets of all types of food and conceptsincluding brunches, so why not enjoy an open bar of tapas so you can sample a little from here and a little from there?

Something like that they must have thought of Limboa “Mediterranean cuisine restaurant and nightclub where the delights of Mediterranean gastronomy and the sin of the party”, they assure from the website of the place.

Tapas buffet on weekends

from this restaurant Barcelona They are defined as a hybrid space concept in which the protagonist is the pleasure of nightlife and the quality of local cuisine. “Our Restaurant & Lounge Club offers a new experiential space where you can jump from dinner to drinks following the same axis”.

Los Saturdays and Sundays can be enjoyed at noon free tapas buffet from Barcelona, ​​although on Thursdays we can also enjoy the free buffet of patatas bravas.

By €24.90 per personwe can taste their themes from a menu with a lot of variety, where we can start with the usual ones such as the pink salad, the bravas or the croquettes to continue for the ‘of the sea’where we find ventresca salad, steamed mussels, Andalusian-style squid, garlic prawns or salmon tartare.

if you are a real cheese lover you can choose between the burrata with pistachio, the truffle tortiglioni in cheese sauce, the melted cheese with cherrys or the crispy brie with jam, although if you prefer something else from the earththe Galician beef entrecote cubes, the chicken fingers, the skewer or the steak tartare is your thing.

The origin of the cap

The lid is definitely one of the most popular landmarks of gastronomy in our country, although are we clear about its origin? Well, chef José Andrés through his docuseries Jose Andres and family in Spain, available on HBO Max, takes advantage of his time in Barcelona to explain where this tradition comes from.

As the Spaniard explains, in other times tapas were served at bar counters and it was a fast, convenient and cheap way to eat something quickly, especially if you are a very busy worker.

The name comes from the verb ‘to cover’, and as the chef explains, originally the glass of drink was served with one of these bites acting as a ‘tapa’. A wonderful way to drink and eat products from our land that we love to preserve.

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