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With a new campaign under the motto “Take it Tyskie”, the Polish beer brand is completely reorganizing its communication in Germany. The claim stands for “the new way of taking life” and is intended to encourage “not to take yourself too seriously and to enjoy the situations that life offers you,” says the marketing department. He sums up the attitude towards life of a generation “who want to enjoy the here and now”. The aim of the new campaign is to “address a new urban and cosmopolitan target group”, explains Anna Apostel, Marketing Manager at Tyskie.

Accordingly, the advertising shows everyday moments that are still worth living; the viewer accompanies a group of friends celebrating their get-together, from hanging out on the roof terrace to spontaneous meetings in the kitchen to the evening trip to the club.

The motifs can be seen in Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin on City Light columns and in moving form on kiosk screens and info screens in underground stations. The campaign will be extended digitally.