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Ennio Morricone celebrates his 90th birthday

ROME, 10 November. / Tass /. Composer, author of the music for nearly 500 films Ennio Morricone turns 90 on Saturday. Six dozen of them are devoted to musical activities. It is this date that the musician marks the big tour “60 years of music” begun last year.

Recently, Morricone conducted in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Despite the venerable age, the composer, who turned to conducting only in the 2000s, continues to tour.

The tour schedule, which is also a farewell at the same time, is scheduled for several months in advance and covers various European cities. At one of the nearest concerts in London on November 26, the sale of additional tickets is open.

Sometimes he had to give up speeches due to back pain. A few years ago, Morricone was undergoing treatment, and it seemed that he would not return to the stage anymore.

"First of all, I continue to conduct concerts, because I am invited to do it, that is, people want it. Secondly, I really love it, I love it very much. From a financial point of view, this is also not bad: I can earn money, nothing writing, "he said in a recent Tass interview.

First success

Morricone was born on November 10, 1928 in Rome. His father was a professional musician, played the trumpet in the jazz ensemble, his mother led the household. The future composer was the eldest of five children.

The musician himself believes that part of his success is due to diligence, hard work and good preparation. The first real success came to him after collaboration with Sergio Leone. The composer immortalized his westerns with his music.

For a long career, Morricone worked with many Italian and foreign directors. He wrote the music for such tapes as "Once Upon a Time in America" ​​(Once Upon a Time in America, 1984) by Sergio Leone, "The Untouchables" (The Untouchables, 1987) by Brian De Palma, "New Cinema Paradiso" (Nuovo Cinema Paradiso) Giuseppe Tornatore.

He worked for the Russian cinema. His soundtrack sounds in the film Vladimir Khotinenko "72 meters" (2004) about the accident of a submarine.

Two Oscars

In spite of the fact that the composer has dozens of prestigious awards and six nominations for the Oscar, the first gold knight won the composer only in 2007 for his contribution to cinema. The second Oscar was brought to him in 2016 by The Hateful Eight, in which Morricone agreed to experiment with director Quentin Tarantino, inspired by spaghetti westerns. The statuette of the American Film Academy received many films to which Morricone wrote music. According to the results of sales, 27 discs with records of his compositions became “gold”, seven “platinum”.

On the anniversary of the Italian television has prepared special programs on the creative path of the musician. The hero of the day, as it was announced, on Sunday will be the guest of the evening talk show on the first channel of the RAI state television. He will be accompanied by director Tornatore, with whom Morricone continues to work on new projects.


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