Sports Enrique, Meghan and the Argonauts

Enrique, Meghan and the Argonauts


One can easily screw up by getting ready and "guessing" by the accent of where someone is. Ah, Argentine! And it turns out that the person in question is Uruguayan. Or Croatian instead of Serbian, or Portuguese instead of Brazilian, or Belgian instead of French, or Swedish instead of Danish. And let's not say if even the language attributed to it is not that of your country. "So German." Well no sir, Dutch …

Nothing bothers those so much Canadians as you think they are Americans, because although they speak the same language, and with a very difficult accent for foreigners, they are two very different societies (starting with the issue of weapons). And, to be frank, Justin
Trudeau, with all its limitations, is A series or Premier League in comparison with Trump in the world championship of the heads of state. The reaffirmation of the identity is the answer to globalization, and Canada It is no exception, it also has its pride.

The modern rise of separatism in Quebec began with a penalty for a hockey player

When the Sussex move to Toronto once their unilateral declaration of independence from the Windsor is proclaimed, Meghan Markle will have no problem in looking native, because she has already lived seven years in the city, which she considers her own and is where she has all her best friends , including those who play babysitters for little Archie. But Enrique, even if someone lived on another planet and did not recognize his face, will soon be caught that he is English, because of Eton's posh accent and upper class.

Very stingy would have to be his father and grandmother so they can not afford a good life on horseback between Windsor and Toronto, and be part of the Canadian city celebrity circuit, led by hip-hop singer Drake. For the latter, if Enrique and Meghan manage to overcome the aversion to paparazzi, journalists and television cameras, they will have no choice but to be seen at the Scotiabank Arena – where the NBA Raptors and Maple Leafs hockey play ice – and at BMO Field, the Toronto FC stadium of soccer and the Canadian football Argonauts (which is similar to the American, but with some different rules, such as three downs instead of four, once again the need to be different).

Until the Raptors won the championship last year with Marc Gasol, Leonard (now in the Clippers), Siakam and Lowry, Toronto was going through an agonizing drought, until it was rated by ESPN as "the worst city in North America sportingly speaking." True, Toronto FC won the MSL in 2017, but the soccer It is not by far the great passion, despite being a multicultural metropolis the size of Chicago, with 50% white population (including a very notable Italian community), 25% Asian, 11% Chinese and 3 Latin American%. A progressive cosmopolitanism that fits very well with the image that Enrique and Meghan want to give.

But not even the success of the Raptors has taken the city out of a sports depression and nostalgia that has a lot to do with the crisis of the Maple Leafs, one of the founding franchises of the NHL, which dominated in the fifties and Sixty, but he hasn't won the title since 67, the worst run of all ice hockey teams. And in Canada the ice hockey It's like rugby in New Zealand or football in Brazil, a real obsession, a leitmotif. So much so that the modern rise of separatism in Quebec began with riots in Montreal caused because the Competition Committee suspended Maurice Richard, a Québec star of the United States for the remainder of the 55 season. Canadiens , which had hit the referee.

There is the theory that the unconditional love of the inhabitants of Toronto for their Maple Leafs is the cause of their downfall, because the Scotiabank is always full no matter how bad they do it (also to see the Raptors, people made fourteen hours of queue to follow their matches of the NBA finals on giant screens installed in Jurassic Park, a square next to the sports center). So owners are not forced to spend on players. Without it they already get twenty percent of benefits.

What Enrique likes is rugby, and the closest thing he will find are the Argonauts, who have had a couple of bad seasons but have won the Gray Cup (the equivalent of the Super Bowl) more times than anyone (17). In addition its name comes from Greek mythology, and it is the ship that Jason used to search for the Golden Fleece. Enrique and Meghan are also going to get theirs, and they hope that the story doesn't end in tragedy …


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