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Entitled customer leaves a One-Star Yelp review on omelet, is exposed by the chef who cooked it

If you think that Yelp reviews are the most accurate way to rate a restaurant, you may want to think again. From dissatisfied employees to hateful customers – sometimes there is more to an assessment than at first glance. Such a customer with too much time on their hands decided to go to Yelp to write about their terrible dining experience in a high-end restaurant and even encourage others not to go.

Well, sometimes people get so carried away by the anonymity of the internet that they forget that other people are paying attention – especially those you do not speak well. See how a review caught the chef's attention – and how she reacted, served as a red-hot record of the truth. (Facebook cover image: bryan …)

Image credits: bryan … (not the actual picture)

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Someone wrote a scathing assessment of one star on Yelp: "Serves a goat cheese omelette (on the menu) with mozzarella cheese !!! That's right and they tried it like cheese!
The excuse … sometimes he gets confused !!! Are you joking? With those prizes you do not have that luxury !!! Choose a different place to go. You will never know what will be put in your food !! "

Some time later the cook replied: "So we do not respond often to negative reviews, unless it is to apologize for a miscue in service or kitchen, so, as a chef, and someone who does not hide behind anonymity on the Internet, I offer I apologize for receiving the wrong cheese in your omelette.As a chef I also have the responsibility to let you know that the cheese was not mozzarella, it would never be mozzarella unless we had made the mozzarella in house, that is a cheese that resembles a burrata that can easily be made in a restaurant It belongs to the pasta filata family of cheeses, it is not cultured cheese, the cheese you had was a gruyere, and in itself gruyere is a great cheese, a French bistro classic that does not even look exactly like the texture of a real mozzarella and the taste profile does not come close to the milky purity of a mozzarom, because it is semi-hardy and bred t does not have a mozzarella.

I remember coming into the restaurant, I remember you were right that the cheese had to be in the omelet of goat cheese and I remember offering to solve the problem. I also remember that we bought your omelet even though you ate the whole thing. I would never try to pass on a cheese like the one instead of the other, the days before your lunch we had put a greasy omelet on the menu, it was a reflexive and honest mistake that could easily be resolved, but you chose sure not allow us to do that. Instead, you wait a few weeks to write a review stating that information that is not true and inciting a restaurant like ours is making the effort to be the best we can. If we are unable to work with you, I can accept that responsibility, but I will not let our integrity be attacked by a palate that can not distinguish between mozzarella and gruyere … unless that was a mistake …. what a luxury is that people who write a serious criticism of a serious restaurant do not have. & # 39;

People in the comments stopped the chef's side


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