Entrepreneurs will assume responsibility for universal license: AMLO

Pedro Dominguez

Mexico City / 05.10.2022 13:33:00

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that, if there is a misfortune due to the importation of food under the benefit of the Universal License delivered to the participants of the plan against inflation, the businessmen will have to assume responsibility, because the government will grant them as a gesture of trust.

In the morning conference at the National Palace, he explained that this document exempts companies from the procedures that they have to carry out with the SAT, Cofepris and the National Service for Health, Safety and Agri-Food Quality, so that they can bring more products to Mexico. cheap.

“They take their responsibility. It is established in the laws, if there is a misfortune they have to assume responsibility. And they were told like this, it is trust, ”she pointed out.

López Obrador assured that those who are opposing the plan do so because they do not want the market to open up to obtain more profits, since they have no competition. But he made it clear that the universal license was only granted to the 15 companies that signed the agreement against inflation.

“You are responsible for the meat that you are going to bring from Argentina, going back to the example, if it is needed it has to be good meat, we give you the confidence, you are not going to bring meat to make Mexicans sick or to cause an epidemic, that was the decision that was made for the purpose of lowering prices. If we can get chicken cheaper, so that the price does not increase and Mexican consumers benefit, we will do it. Here the best interest is the interest of the people,” he added.

And it is that the President gave as an example that Mexico does not allow to import meat from Argentina because there are many obstacles to do so, but if necessary, the companies will be able to do it with the universal license.

López Obrador took the opportunity to call the attention of Senasica officials, in charge of stopping the importation of Argentine meat, because while denying the entry of this product, they allow the illegal entry of calves for fattening through the border with Guatemala.

“I raise it a bit to say to our colleagues, friends of Senasica: and why don’t they attend to that, why don’t they denounce it, why the silence on those issues? And we are trying to prevent that from happening, that there is more vigilance, but it’s been years, ”he commented.