Environment around derailed train in US evacuated due to explosion risk: “Speaking of potentially huge explosion” | Abroad

In a message he shares on Twitter, DeWine explains Sunday evening (local time) that the temperature in the stranded train has risen rapidly in recent hours, and there is now a risk that the tank cars will explode. In doing so, shards and scrap can fly up to a mile away.

The freight train derailed Friday evening in the village of East Palestine, which is located on the Pennsylvania border, about 30 miles northwest of Pittsburgh. This caused a huge fire and vinyl chloride leaked. This is a colourless, highly flammable gas that evaporates very quickly. It is used to make PVC pipes, car upholstery and plastic kitchenware, among other things.

LOOK. The derailment of the freight train caused a huge fire on Friday:

Because the train transported a total of ten tank wagons with (hazardous) chemicals, local residents have been asked to evacuate now that the temperature in the train has suddenly risen quickly.

According to DeWine, about 500 people have refused so far. In his message from Sunday evening, the governor said that the local police chief has ruled that people who have children at home and refuse to evacuate can be arrested.