Environment minister is still looking forward to an “exciting legislative period”

Berlin The minister likes it unpretentious. “Hello, my name is Svenja Schulze and I am Federal Environment Minister,” writes the SPD politician on her website. But this time could soon be over with the formation of a new government, because the Greens or – less likely – the FDP may dispute the ministry.

Whether Schulze remains at the head of the environmental department, moves her to the head of another department or has to be content as a simple member of the Bundestag, there should only be clarity at the end of the coalition talks between the SPD, the Greens and the FDP. Schulze, currently managing director in office, does not comment on it himself.

She is looking forward to “an exciting new legislative period,” she tweeted on Tuesday. She is “proud to be able to represent the interests of the citizens in the Bundestag”.

At the World Climate Conference in Glasgow, which begins this Sunday, Schulze is still represented as Environment Minister, like in Katowice in 2018 and in Madrid in 2019 – even if she will not arrive in Scotland until November 10th due to the ongoing coalition negotiations. Schulze is part of the SPD working group “Climate, Energy, Transformation”.

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The Ministry in Glasgow still does not have to do without them. Schulze is taking part in the delegation meetings online, said its State Secretary Jochen Flasbarth on Wednesday.

Start of a “decade of catching up in climate protection”

The climate conference in Glasgow is the first major climate conference after a one-year corona break. According to Flasbarth, the aim is to start a “decade of catching up in climate protection”.

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Schulze himself last called on the international community on Tuesday evening to set more ambitious climate targets. Global climate-damaging emissions would continue to rise dramatically, she said in a video message at a United Nations event.

In order to limit global warming to well below two degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial times, it is necessary for more states to increase their commitment to reducing greenhouse gases, warned the incumbent minister.

The current plans of the international community are only sufficient to limit global warming to below three degrees. In Glasgow they want to “breathe new life” into the promise of Paris.

Schulze made the fight against global warming a permanent topic in the cabinet

Schulze has been at the helm of the environmental department since March 2018 and has made the fight against global warming a constant topic of the Federal Cabinet against a lot of resistance. Persistent and stubborn, but always with her own happiness.

The Union liked to tease the native of Düsseldorf, who now lives in Münster and was politically active in North Rhine-Westphalia for a long time.

At the end of 2019, the then 51-year-old not only wrested approval from the Union for pricing climate-damaging carbon dioxide. The Bundestag and Bundesrat also passed Germany’s first climate law, even if that is not yet sufficient for compliance with the internationally binding Paris climate protection agreement.

Again and again she put pressure on colleagues in the ministry such as Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU), who once raged that Schulze spoke out every day “without having the necessary knowledge”.

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When the corona crisis became the dominant topic, the minister did not give up on her topic and called for a green restart of the economy in order to make decisive progress in the fight against global warming. Schulze undoubtedly still belongs to the ranks of ministerial SPD politicians.

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