Offenbach (dpa / lhe) – Despite the persistent drought, mushroom pickers in Hesse’s forests have a good chance of success. “There are mushrooms that feed parasitically,” said Dietmar Krüger, an expert from the German Society for Mycology and a mushroom teacher from Offenbach. These mushrooms feed on trees, even if they are dead. One example is the oyster mushroom.

The mushroom season is in full swing nationwide. The chances of success are very different from state to state. “In Hessen in the Rhine-Main area it has been dry for weeks, no boletus and no chanterelles grow.” In regions where it rained a week ago, the situation is different. Autumn is basically the main mushroom picking season, especially after heavy rainfall.

The fact that 2019 was a very good mushroom year and that a lot was collected does not reduce the chances of success this year, said Krüger. Fungi usually attempted to shed spores once a year or several times. It depends on the weather: “If the fungus has enough nutrients to form a fruiting body, it will do that.” At sites from last year there are again opportunities: “Mushrooms are true to location.”


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