Enzo Roco exploits against arbitration


MONTERREY – Enzo Roco He came out of change at 10 minutes but that does not make him immune from severely criticizing arbitration. The Chilean said that the whistle Marco Antonio Ortiz Nava He laughed in his face during the time he was on the court. “Everyone wants to contribute to help them (arbitrators), but they lock themselves in their world, they do not talk to you, they laugh in your face, as it happened to me today, they laughed in my face (Marco Ortíz) and it gives impotence because one does not can do nothing, if Mexican football wants to continue improving it also has to improve in that facet, because not only players make the show, they are also part of this, “he said. “Unfortunately for us we are once again harmed by the issue of arbitration, where a totally wrong expulsion for my taste, conditions the game, conditions the team, we are playing a lot, as they criticize us, they must analyze them, and do a ‘mea culpa’, it can not be that in all the days various clubs are injured, whether they are big or small, players, clubs, fans and they are not told anything, they become the victims and one seems the villain, “he said. the player. In consideration of Roco, with the VAR in the Liga Bancomer Little would improve the show, since it would waste time in the evaluation of the plays. “Imagine, if you can analyze the effective minutes played today, are very few, imagine with the VAR is not going to play, if they doubt everything, if they charge things that are non-existent or for example gave three minutes of aggregation and two were lost when the ‘profe’ came out, they are things that one does not understand, what criteria each of the referees uses, “he said.


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