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Daneidy Barrera Rojas, better known as Epa Colombia, is one of the most controversial influencers in the country; she always manages to get Internet users to talk about her or about everything she does or publishes on networks.

One of her most remembered controversies was in 2019, when in the framework of the national strike, she was sentenced to more than five years in prison for acts of vandalism against TransMilenio stations in Bogotá.

However, Epa Colombia has been able to use criticism to its advantage. Today she is a great businesswoman and has the most famous keratin center in the country. With this business, Barrera has managed to buy great luxuries such as a penthouse, cars, brand-name clothing, among other things.

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In addition, on her official Instagram account she has accumulated five million followers, being much more famous than she was before.

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How did you get to fame?

Epa Colombia She has always been very honest about how she lived before she was famous. In fact, on different occasions, she has commented that her family was poor.

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His life changed when, in 2016, he uploaded a video encouraging the Colombian team singing: “Hey, hey, hey Colombia, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Rich, rich, rich.”

Within a few hours, the clip went viral and was circulating on all social networks. She saw this as a great opportunity and she began to be a content creator.

On his way to fame, Daneidy has told her followers that she has had different surgeries and cosmetic touch-ups.

In its instagram stories Epa Colombia has shown that this year mentoplasty, tensor threads, mandibular edge, rhinomodeling and Botox have been performed.

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He has also commented that he has had procedures done on his buttocks. “I didn’t have hips, they are creating them for me like Yailin’s. Sure friend, I’ll be prettier. I don’t have a purple tail (…) I got 12 million people there, ”commented Epa Colombia in her stories.

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