Epic! Bad Bunny sang “Ultra Solo” during his Instagram Live

It promised to be good, but ended up being epic. As announced, this Saturday Bad Bunny performed his long-awaited Instagram Live, which not only brought together thousands of people, but also had a great wink for Chile: He sang “Ultra Solo”!

During his broadcast, which began later than scheduled, the Bad Rabbit of urban music played the song originally composed by Polimá Westcoast and Pailita, where he sang part of the beginning.

However, after a while he stopped singing. Not because he doesn’t like the song (in fact, it was noted that he hesitates a lot), but because he couldn’t “play other people’s music” during the online event, so he changed it before arriving at the chorus.

Although it was only a little while of Bad Bunny singing “Ultra Solo”, it was more than enough for the Chilean fans to go crazy and not only generate reactions of the moment, but also begin to increase the hype for his concert in our country… and is that, can you imagine singing it live?

Bad Bunny in Chile: Are there tickets left?

Regarding Bad Bunny’s concert in Chile, it will be held twice at the National Stadium on October 28 and 29 as part of his World’s Hottest Tour.

As many of you already know, the tickets for these two shows are completely sold out. In fact, they managed to get over a million people in the virtual queue and ended up selling out in a matter of hours.