Epic Games Store hands out Nuclear Throne and RUINER for free – Gambling


In the Epic Games Store, another distribution of free games has begun – according to tradition, there are two of them again:

  • Nuclear throne – A post-apocalyptic top-down shooter in which players make their way through the wasteland using a variety of weapons and developing the hero's abilities thanks to mutations.
  • RUINER – A brutal action movie with a bunch of weapons and enemies, the scene of which became the world, at the same time inspired by cyberpunk and science fiction. Review Gambling.

You can activate projects within a week, until November 14, and then only one game will replace them, interrupting the “series” of pair distributions:

  • The messenger – an unusual sidescroller in the spirit of the classic Ninja Gaiden, the main feature of which was humor and time travel: locations in the past look like games of the 8-bit era, while the same environment in the future already gives away 16-bit projects.


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