Epic Games Store: Ya disponible gratuitamente FTL: Faster Than Light

The Epic Games Store continues to give away new video games as part of its Christmas promotion. In their campaign of 12 days of gifts, Epic allows us to get a free game for PC until January 1, 2020. We remind you that these are very limited offers in time, since each free game is available only for one day , specifically until 5:00 p.m. (peninsular time). This time the game that we can download is FTL: Faster Than Light.

FTL: Faster Than Light

Simulation and spatial exploration

The title of Subset Games invites us to live an adventure in a randomly generated galaxy “and in which you will find both moments of glory and bitter defeats” with touches of simulation and space exploration. We will be able to give orders to the crew, manage the distribution of energy of the ship and choose the objectives of your weapons in combat. Among the options are improvements to the ship and unlocking new ones thanks to the help of six alien races. Of course, death is permanent, which gives a greater sense of danger and importance in our decisions.

“As soon as you have enjoyed the charm of desktop science fiction or the mythical and naive space opera so typical of television, you will know how to enjoy and take advantage of the application. Its degree of immersion is such, that yesand we find it very difficult to stop playing, despite the fact that we know that at any time, and at the hands of any galactic or pirate creature, permanent death can come to us. And in Faster Than Light, just like in the Kobayashi Maru stage of Star Trek, death and the end are always present “, we told you in his analysis of the version for iOS.

Maana Hyper Light Drifter

The Epic Games Store has not revealed tomorrow’s game but there is an illustration that gives a pretty clear clue: it is Hyper Light Drifter, an action role-playing game with a neat pixel-art graphic look that debuted in 2016. However, this is the second time it has been given away in the Epic Games store, so many users will already have it in their library of this platform.



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