EPPO reveals that in 9 months, energy consumption has increased by 0.01%, expecting only a slight increase in energy consumption throughout the year.

Mr. Wattanapong Kurawat, director of the Energy Policy and Planning Office (EPPO) revealed that the overall overall energy consumption during the nine months of this year (Jan.-Sept. 2021) was at 2008 thousand barrels of oil equivalent per day An increase of 0.01% from the same period last year due to natural gas consumption. coal/lignite Hydroelectric power and imported electricity which increased according to the economic conditions at the beginning of the year

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The EPPO estimates the trend of initial energy consumption in 2021 for the whole year will be at 2,016 thousand barrels of oil equivalent per day. increased only 0.2% following the country’s economic recovery at the beginning of the year and the growth of the global economy Under the assumption that the average Dubai crude oil price this year is at 70 USD per barrel. and the average exchange rate is 31.9 baht per US dollar.

As for the forecast for energy consumption to increase this year, it is estimated that natural gas usage is expected to increase by 2.7%, coal / lignite is expected to increase by 8.1%. The consumption of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in the household sector is expected to increase by 0.5%, the industrial sector is expected to increase by 10.9% and the use of raw materials in the petrochemical industry is expected to increase by 24.2%, while the transport sector is expected. that there was a decrease of 18.7%

Meanwhile, natural gas consumption is forecast to increase 1.6 percent, and electricity consumption is expected to increase 1.5 percent from a year ago, mainly in line with a recovery in industrial electricity use. Meanwhile, oil consumption is expected to decline 7.8 percent as a result of the escalation of lockdown measures and the announcement of a maximum and tight control in July. 2021

However, the EPPO continues to monitor the situation of the Covid-19 epidemic. and other factors that will affect the country’s energy consumption closely, such as the rate of economic growth world crude oil price Measures to prevent COVID-19 both domestically and internationally continuously