Equa Bank is ending. How clients go to Raiffeisenbank and what changes

For the time being, Equa clients continue to use the current account number, including the bank code, payment card, mobile and internet banking, and branches and a call center continue to operate. “Equa bank’s clients today can use all services without change as before. Together with the clients of both banks, we are preparing improvements to make life easier for all clients. We want to offer them the best of both banks in key products and channels, such as online banking, “comments Tereza Kaiseršotová, Raiffeisenbank’s spokeswoman, adding that the exact date and method of the transition is still being fine-tuned.

“We will inform clients about any changes in time and in advance. In terms of conditions and fees, the two brands are very close – eg free account management, free withdrawals from ATMs around the world, and at Raiffeisenbank clients can take advantage of some benefits that Equa bank clients have not yet been able to use, such as a discount RB for individuals club, immediate payments, multiple managers on one account – or for entrepreneurs the connection of online banking and accounting system, “adds Kaiseršotová.

Nothing has changed for Equa bank’s clients in the most important areas so far:

  • The bank account number has not changed and will not change.
  • All outgoing and incoming payments work without changes.
  • However, as of 1 January 2022, the client’s total deposits are not insured as in two banks, but the deposits were insured as in one bank – ie EUR 100,000.
  • Payments by card or electronic wallet have not changed in any way, everything has remained as before.
  • Branches are still open to clients without change.
  • The Client Center line 222 010 222 continues to operate for clients without change.
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Internet banking and mobile applications

Internet banking and mobile applications have not changed yet, and all approaches, including E-PIN, remain the same. But Raiffeisenbank will offer during 2022 new features. It is a matter of course to maintain the payment history and all payment orders.

Account number

Equa bank clients will not have their current account number before the slash. For less than 1 percent of clients, a situation will arise where their account number in one bank coincides with the account number of another client in the other bank. In such a case, the bank will always resolve the situation individually and in cooperation with clients.

Will bank code 6100 change?

Bank code 6100 will continue to be used by Equa bank clients. In the event of a change, Raiffeisenbank will inform them in advance.

*UPDATES: Following the statement of the RB press department, we corrected the original information, in which we stated that the code would change at the end of 2022. Equa bank has this information on its website.

Will the operation of the branches change in any way?

Equa bank branches will be retained. At the end of 2022, you will be able to use more than 100 other Raiffeisenbank branches.

Is it necessary to have a new payment card issued?

Ne, payment cards issued by Equa bank remain valid. As the card expires, a new card will be automatically sent to clients.

Equa bank allows you to pay for e-shops only when the customer receives the goods

I have an account with Equa bank and Raiffeisenbank, will both accounts remain active for me?

Yes, after the merger of the banks, both accounts will remain. They will then be able to decide whether to keep two accounts with one bank or to keep only one of them.

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Loans, credits and mortgages

Loans, credits and mortgages do not change for Equa bank’s clients and the same applies to any other limited offers. All liabilities of Equa bank in the sense of notification of an approved loan, credit or mortgage are valid in the future.

Pledge in favor of Equa bank

Following the legal merger in January 2022, the liens registered with Equa bank become liens registered with Raiffeisenbank. So you don’t have to worry about anything. The merger of the two banks does not affect the validity of the concluded contracts, as well as the mortgage and hedging contracts. In the case of hedging instruments, Raiffeisenbank becomes the creditor of Equa bank. The same applies to other forms of security – such as insurance, deposits and bills of exchange.

Corporate loan

The merger of Equa bank and Raiffeisenbank does not change anything again. The agreed terms of the corporate loans remain the same and apply as the bank’s client has agreed in the contracts.

Investments and mutual funds

Equa clients can continue to manage, buy and sell their investment products in internet banking under the Equa bank brand. Raiffeisenbank keeps full records on the same terms as Equa bank.


It does not change anything for Equa bank’s clients, not even for fees. Contracts and their validity remain under the current conditions. Only after the expiration will it be a new product by default.

We will soon become the Czech Banking Four, says the head of Raiffeisenbank Igor Vida

O Raiffeisenbank

Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) is the Austrian parent company of Raiffeisenbank as in the Czech Republic (RBCZ). It has been operating on the market for 150 years and is one of the banks with the strongest capital in Central Europe.

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“RBCZ is a domestic bank 100% owned by Austrian shareholders and subject exclusively to CNB regulation. It is one of the five most systemically important banks in the Czech Republic, which is why the CNB imposes stricter requirements on it in all respects, which it easily meets. It is therefore possible to describe RBCZ as one of the five most stable and safest banks on the domestic market, “says Tereza Kaiseršotová.

The acquisition of Equa bank is fully in line with Raiffeisenbank’s growth strategy. The transaction will help Raiffeisenbank further strengthen its market share and enable it to become one of the four largest banks in the country.

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