Equestrian: Gold for Germany! The dressage quartet celebrates gold and a record win

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The big favorite has prevailed. The dressage quartet from Germany wins gold at the World Cup in the USA. Other medals wave in the individual competitions.

Isabell Werth clenched her right fist, the tears of joy running down her face. Led by the record rider, the German dressage team again won gold at the World Cup in the USA. Even before the last ride of the US competition ended on Thursday, the celebrations began.

"I am so happy that she is fit again," said the beaming value of her mare, who was injured for three and a half years. That it was said that was a risk, "has given me additional motivation," said the record rider after their eighth World Cup gold medal.

"That was goose bumps pure"

The German team won confidently ahead of the US team, for the last rider Laura Graves with Verdades secured silver ahead of Great Britain. The German gold could not endanger the US rider with her ride.

"That was pure goose bumps," rejoiced Klaus Roeser, the team boss: "That was amazing how Isabell withstood the strain." As the last German rider, the 49-year-old from Rheinberg shone with her mare Bella Rose in the square. The rest of the quartet had shivered in the stands and soon after hugged each other.

"The circle closes, it is something special to win with this horse," Werth said after her eighth World Cup victory. Coach Monica Theodrescu commented with a grin: "I love it when a plan comes up, especially with this wonderful team."

"Sensational", shouted Jessica von Bredow-Werndl, who won gold at their World Cup debut in the German team. "It's just madness, it's really been a childhood dream for me. Isabell was not thrilled anymore and just closed the bag. "

A few hours before Werth Sönke Rothenberger from Bad Homburg had shown a strong performance with Cosmo with only two small mistakes. The day before had ridden by Bredow-Werndl (Tuntenhausen) with Dalera and Dorothee Schneider (Framersheim) with Sammy Davis Jr. for Germany. "Jessi did a great job," said Theodorescu. Schneider delivered the so-called strike result, since only the best three results count per team.

"I am very proud of my horse"

The second dressage day started with the strong ride of Rothenberger. "I'm so proud of my horse that it fought for me in these challenging weather conditions," said the 23-year-old student. "At this high humidity and the popping sun, this was not self-evident."

"These caricatures when reversing and pirouetting, I could have been a bit more energetic," said Rothenberger, looking at his little mistakes. Overall, however, was: "He gave me a great feeling." Now he wants to attack in the individual. "That gives me a really good feeling, because the special is known to be his parade exam. That's why I'm really looking forward to it. "The special is on Thursday and the freestyle on Sunday. Werth is one of the big favorites in both tests besides Rothenberger.

Due to the success of the team in the USA, Germany extended its impressive record series in dressage. Since the first World Cup 1966, German teams have won twelve times in fourteen title fights. Only twice was not enough for gold: the USSR won in Aachen in 1970, and in 2010 the Dutch won. The record rider is Isabell Werth, who already won her eighth World Championship gold in Tryon.

Also the German eventing team can hope for precious metal. Thanks to an outstanding dressage of Julia Krajewski from Warendorf with Chipmunk the defending champion took the lead. Earlier on Thursday morning (local time) Kai Rüder from Blieschendorf rode with Colani Sunrise for Germany. After half of the starting field Germany is ahead of Australia and France. On Friday Andreas Dibowski (Döhle) riding with Corrida and Ingrid Klimke (Münster) with Hale Bob. In addition to the dressage, the three-man fight also includes cross-country skiing on Saturday and jumping on Sunday.

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