EQUMEDIA launches the Natural Paths campaign valued at €1.2 million

EQUMEDIA has recently won the contest for the management of the campaign of the network of Natural Paths of Spain in Television, Graphic Media, Radio, Digital and Outdoors for an amount of 1,240,000 euros.

The campaign began on June 1 and will be active during this month, to then return during the month of October. Its main objective is to provide information and knowledge to the Spanish population about thea Network of Nature Trails in Spain, made up of more than 10,400 kilometers of trails and itineraries spread throughout the Spanish geography that take advantage of old road structures to practice routes on foot, by bicycle or on horseback. In addition, they allow the population to approach the natural environment, promoting knowledge of nature and landscapes, as well as rural development and sustainable uses in the environment.

The EQUMEDIA team in charge of managing this campaign is made up of David Left as Director of Planning, vanessa hermida as Planning Supervisor and Laura Camazon as Digital Manager.

In the words of Celia Cano, general director of EQUMEDIA, “Spain has a fabulous network of Nature Trails. We are very proud to work with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food in the task of publicizing its beauty and enormous variety. We hope that many people are encouraged to get to know them better on their next vacation and, incidentally, benefit our rural environment with their visit. That would also fill us with pride.”

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