ERC claims dialogue after Perpignan and warns that it would be “irresponsible” to deny it

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In the act of the Council for the Republic on Saturday in Perpignan, the dialogue table between the Generalitat and the State was described as “misleading” and the “confrontation” was claimed as the best of strategies for achieving independence. . It is for this reason that there was interest in knowing how ERC would react on Monday, which has made dialogue its main banner of recent times.

Republicans have applied their usual manuals: they have avoided direct criticism of the act, against JxCat and against the former President of the Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, and have focused on claiming the dialogue table launched last Wednesday. in the Moncloa. The biggest reproach heard from the mouth of ERC’s Deputy Secretary General, Marta Vilalta, has been to warn that “it would be irresponsible to deny dialogue and negotiation”.

Thus, Republicans have argued that independence must make “compatible” on the way to the republic, both the dialogue with the state and the mobilization on the streets that was displayed on Saturday in the city of Northern Catalonia. “They are two sides of the same coin,” summed up the Republican leader is precisely one of the members of the Catalan delegation Wednesday sat face to face with the Spanish government. Republicans, at the door of a new election campaign in Catalonia, want to settle in the thesis that “the stronger the street, the stronger the bargaining table.”

Left was never comfortable with the Saturday event before it was held, nor does it feel like it has happened once, but the slogan of Republicans is to respect it and not to go into a dynamic of criticism. The best summary of all this is that this Monday Vilalta put “what was seen” in Northern Catalonia on Saturday as valuable as what was seen on Wednesday in the Palau de la Moncloa.

Let JxCat respond

ERC is also seeking that the critics of the dialogue that took place on Saturday in Perpignan are not so much a question that their party must answer, but rather that JxCat does. That is to say, it is Carles Puigdemont’s party who is thinking if it is compatible to lead the Catalan part of the dialogue table with the State on Wednesday – through President Quim Torra – and to attack it three days later since. a stage in Perpignan. So, this Monday, in front of the repeatedly asked questions about whether it was compatible to keep the dialogue table with criticism, Vilalta has tried to put the pressure on himself: “I think there are questions that we must not answer ERC but other actors the independence movement. ”

Also asked more than once if ERC was comfortable with Saturday’s event, Vilalta did not want to go in and repeated the new mantra that the party will pay in the coming months: “That the dialogue does not call for mobilization and that mobilization does not challenge dialogue. ” In short, that the quote from Perpignan does not amend that of the Moncloa and vice versa.



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