Ergonomics at the heart of hybrid work – APSSAP

When returning to the office, it is very likely that workers will find their furniture and work equipment out of adjustment. In addition, many will then have to juggle two workstations: one at the office and the other at home. In such a situation, how to ensure that ergonomic risks are properly prevented?

APSSAP offers you the following solutions.

Just as a forklift operator must know how to drive a forklift truck safely, an office worker must be able to properly adjust his workstation in order to eliminate or control risks.

To this end, we recommend that all workers first consult ADAPTED, the virtual ergonomist! APSSAP has improved the software so that it is more visually appealing, more intuitive and presents a variety of work situations. This improved version now includes a new section entirely dedicated to teleworking.

ADAPTE software allows employees to adjust their workstation on their own. To help them finalize their adjustment, the ergonomics resource people trained by APSSAP can be very useful.

In order to allow rapid adjustments to workstations, we recommend that employers train resource people in ergonomics in their establishments.

  • Training for new resource persons in job adaptation, module I face-to-face;
  • Formation theoretical for new resource persons in job adaptation, module I from a distance.

During their first assessments, or simply because they feel the need, resource persons can be accompanied by an APSSAP advisor to help them apply their skills.

NEW: Ergonomics day

It is also essential for departments and agencies to take advantage of this opportunity to demonstrate the importance of ergonomics in the workplace. Ergonomics Day is a short downtime enabling organizations to publicize the support offert to workers and to them to adjust their workstation. here is the unfolding possible of this day. An APSSAP advisor can also participate, if you wish.

Other ergonomic services

We have produced several new documents which may help workers adjust their workstation:

Telecommuting is here to stay!

APSSAP therefore offers a formation tailor-made allowing resource persons to carry out remote interventions with their teleworking colleagues.

Workers can also continue to participate in our webinar on ergonomics in teleworking in which APSSAP gives tips on how to properly adjust your workstation at home.

To help teleworkers make judicious choice of equipment for the home, APSSAP offers a brand new ” Purchase guide ». Find the essential characteristics to choose the right model of keyboard, mouse, armchair, furniture and screen.

All these services allow the departments and bodies of the public service to take good charge of ergonomics in their environment in order to improve ergonomic comfort, from reduce the risks associated with musculoskeletal disorders (TMS) and, at the same time, ensure a better attendance at work.

APSSAP, a partner in your actions, is always available to support you in occupational health and safety.