Eric Bischoff: Why hide Steiner’s name for Bron Breakker?

During a recent episode of his podcast, Eric Bischoff spoke about the fact that Bron Breakker does not have the name Steiner and explains why.

He tells us :

“When I heard about Bron Breaker, I was hot. I was like, whoa, why did they do that? Now I know why they did it, but I was still reacting emotionally like the fan in me, and that’s partly because of my relationship with Rick and Scott. I love that bond, the legacy, the second generation stuff. Then the next day, when my fan side faded, I said to myself, of course they have to do this. If they want to push Bron Breakker, if he’s going to be the next Stone Cold Steve Austin or The Rock in a year, in five years, or in ten years, they have to own that brand, that trademark, and that’s not not with Rechsteiner or Rex Steiner that they will succeed.”

It is true that name changes often make people cringe, especially when you get to know a wrestler, but also in the case of Bron Breakker when you come from a family of legends like the Steiners. As Eric Bischoff very rightly says, it’s very smart to do this on a business level, but also on the level of the ability to create a superstar who is not already established by name alone. What is certain is that the name changes in WWE have not finished talking.

Photo credit: WWE

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