Eric Clapton does not play in locations where a vaccination certificate is required

Eric Clapton you boycott all concert venues where attendance is tied to a document proving the fact of congestion, the Guardian writes. The musician announced this after the British government announced that from the end of September, visits to nightclubs and concert venues would be subject to a vaccination card. The musician said he was unwilling to perform in a venue where the audience was discriminated against.

Unless it is ensured that anyone can attend, I reserve the right to cancel the concert

States in the statement Clapton first Robin Monotti covid-skeptical Italian architect through the Telegram profile, he also attached a link Stand and Deliver anti-closure, Van Morrisonnal it leads to a common song in the lyrics of which he fears people will become slaves.

Clapton also used Monotti’s profile when he wrote in May about how serious side effects he had after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine: he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to play guitar anymore. Since then, he seems to have recovered because he announced his concert at the Royal Albert Hall next May. The party will be attended without restraint, but only with a document certifying the fact of vaccination or immunity, and if Clapton sticks to his current announcement, it may not be held.