Eric Piolle challenges Jean Castex on the regulation of outfits in municipal swimming pools

In a letter addressed to the Prime Minister, Eric Piolle asks the State to position itself on the outfits authorized or not at the swimming pool. He regrets that in the absence of a national decision, the mayors are forced to manage these issues alone, and in particular that of the burkini.

How to justify the burkini ban in municipal swimming pools? For the moment, the State has not taken a clear position.

Currently, it is the municipalities that can prohibit the wearing of this swimsuit for reasons of hygiene. This responsibility carried by the mayors is denounced by Eric Piolle in a letter sent this June 18 to Prime Minister Jean Castex.

In this missive, the mayor of Grenoble explains that more and more “of users express the inadequacy of the internal regulations with their needs, expectations and constraints in terms of health, modesty, convictions or allergies“.

If the name of this full swimsuit worn by certain women of the Muslim faith is not directly mentioned in the letter, there is no doubt that it is on this subject that Eric Piolle challenges the State.

Mayors in the face of user demands

He explains that in municipal swimming pools “only swimwear that violates the rules of hygiene, health and safety is prohibited“So how do you judge whether or not the burkini violates any of these rules?”In Grenoble as elsewhere, we do not have today any more recent study which would be valid to refuse the requests which are made to us […] It is up to the State to list exhaustively, then distribute to the municipalities, all the recommendations“.

He regrets that in the absence of national harmonization, this decision could create many disparities on the territory. It pushes”each municipality to interpret what does or does not fall under a situation of health risk or discrimination, he adds. Prime Minister, the Republic must remain one and indivisible. Equality, health and public freedoms must be the same from Lille to Ajaccio, and from Brest to Strasbourg“.

Following this letter, the Grenoble association Alliance Citoyenne publicly encourages the mayor of Grenoble to walk the talk by authorizing the wearing of the burkini.

The state cannot continue to leave mayors to fend for themselves and helpless

Michael Savin

This letter is addressed to the Prime Minister a few days after the National Assembly deleted an article voted by the Senate, which was to facilitate the banning of the burkini in municipal swimming pools. This amendment was brought within the framework of the law “separatism” by Michel Savin, senator (LR) of Isère.

However, it was time to clear things up! reacted the elected official in a press release. Unfortunately, the government, once again, is not taking its responsibilities. The state cannot continue to leave mayors to fend for themselves and helpless, in the face of pressure from activists who promote a radical and retrograde form of Islam, especially for women.“.

If they do not share the same convictions concerning the wearing of the burkini, Eric Piolle and Michel Savin agree on at least one thing: it is up to the State to take a position and not to the municipalities.

The burkini and the controversy of summer 2019

This is not the first time that the issue of the burkini has been addressed in the Grenoble conurbation. In 2019, the swimsuit was at the heart of a controversy after several women bathed in a public swimming pool with this outfit. Following this, an operation organized by the association Citizen Alliance to request the authorization of the burkini, and the affair had caused a stir even within the government.