Eric Piolle relaunches the war over the origin of tacos between Lyon and Grenoble

In a message posted on his Twitter account, the mayor of Grenoble affirmed that the tacos are a Grenoble creation, relaunching the debate on its origin between the two neighboring cities.

Eric Piolle puts tacos back at the heart of the rivalry between Lyon and Grenoble. In a video posted on his Twitter account this weekend, the mayor (EELV) of Grenoble wanted to send a message to the people of Lyon on the thorny question of the origin of the tacos.

Tacos from Lyon or Grenoble?

“When someone comes to Grenoble, we show the mountains, the snow, it’s magnificent, it’s dazzling. But obviously, we come to show the tacos of Grenoble. (…) We come to share at the time of the galette des rois, the tacos of Grenoble”, he said before striking: “friends Lyonnaises and Lyonnais, the tacos I confirm to you, it is very Grenoble”.

The message, full of levity, from the mayor highlights the debate that has existed for many years on the city of origin of the French tacos, this closed wheat pancake topped with meat, fries, raw vegetables and cheese sauce. If the Grenoble residents claim its paternity, the inhabitants of Lyon consider that the French tacos originally come from the Lyon region.

A video viewed more than 37,000 times

The director Bastien Gens around the series “Tacos Origins”, recalls in Progress “that” there is not just one origin “. However, according to him, tacos in this form first became known in Vaulx-en-Velin and Villeurbanne, in the Lyon metropolitan area around the beginning of the 2000s. However, it was in the suburbs of Grenoble that O’Tacos, the first major French taco chain, was created in 2007. Today, the company has more than 200 brands, including several in the foreign.

By evoking again this rivalry between the two cities, the video of Eric Piolle, viewed more than 37,000 times, did not go unnoticed. Lyon elected officials like Valentin Lungenstrass even wanted to answer him. The deputy (EELV) in charge of mobility at the town hall of Lyon retorted to him in comment, by means of an animated “gif”: “everything is wrong”.

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The mayor of Lyon Grégory Doucet, a member like Eric Piolle of the Europe Ecologie-Les Verts party, was identified on the publication by his college in Grenoble. The Lyonnais councilor has not yet reacted, however.

This is not the first time that the mayor of Grenoble, a former candidate for the environmentalist primary for the presidential election, has resurrected the debate around tacos. Last year, on the occasion of April 1, he had already affirmed on his twitter account: “April 1st is the only day of the year when we have the right to say that Tacos is from Lyon”.