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Eric Rohmer and Anna Frank Meet at the BCN Film Fest | Culture


The Barcelona-Sant Jordi International Film Festival (BCN Film Fest), which will hold its fourth edition from April 17 to 24 in Verdi cinemas, will present more than 60 films in six sections, and will again bet on tightening its ties between film and other branches of culture, as well as to create new cinematic audiences. The BCN Film Fest has unveiled a preview of its lineup and lineup on Wednesday. Among the proposals revealed, a retrospective of Eric Rohmer's film to mark the centenary of the filmmaker, which will include titles such as My night with Maud, Claire's knee, Pauline on the beach and the Four Seasons Tales series, and, at the other end of the French director's view on love and human relationships, several films related to Nazism and the Holocaust, such as When Hitler stole the pink rabbit, by Caroline Link (official section in competition) and Anne Frank, parallel stories, a documentary about the life of a young Jewish woman with testimonies of genocide survivors, directed by Savina Fedeli and Anna Migotto, and with the participation of Helen Mirror (official, out-of-competition section).

In the competitive section they will also be screened True story of the Kelly gang, a new approach to the famous Australian bandit and his band, by Justin Kurzell (the director of the Macbeth starring Michael Fassbender) and George Makay (1917) and Russell Crowe in the cast, and the Polish Corpus Christi, by Jan Komasa, the story of a young man who is prevented from being a priest by the Church because he has a criminal record but decides to pretend to be a priest in a village. The film, which will have its Spanish premiere at the festival, is nominated for an Oscar for best foreign film this year.

The new features of this edition include that the BCN Film Fest will be out on the street and will have activities in a tent, in collaboration with the Fnac, which will be installed in Plaça del Diamant. Mercedes Sampietro will be the chairman of the jury.

"In March we will present the full program and in 15 days the list of Catalan films will be screened," says festival director Conxita Casanovas, who highlights the optimism they face after this edition. Results from the past, which doubled the previous audience figure from 8,000 viewers to almost 16,000, "a great leap forward that shows we are on the right track." Casanovas says the new appointment is being called "a spring tale," with a wink at Rohmer, with a "for spectators to enjoy" program. Féodor Atkine, one of the actors in Pauline on the beach, will present the film. This year's poster is also an accomplishment to Rohmer, as he alludes to his movie and shows a girl behind the scenes looking for a book. "Rohmer is the flagship this year, we devote a major retrospective in collaboration with ten film libraries, among which is the Catalan and Spanish. Those of us who know his film will enjoy it again, and new generations can discover and observe the influence he has had on other filmmakers. "

The festival director emphasizes the pageant's intention to create a new film audience and to interweave and interconnect seventh art with other cultural manifestations, especially literature. "The term cultivation may sound pretentious, but we want to be spokesmen for the culture," says Casanovas. The director highlights the documentary by Anne Frank, which seeks to bring the young Jewish woman closer to the cinema through film and "goosebumps", as well as other titles to be presented, such as Mr. Jonesby Agnieszka Holland, a film about Gareth Jones, a journalist who was the first foreigner to interview Hitler and later tried to do the same with Stalin, discovering along the way the atrocious famine caused by Stalinism in Ukraine. .

Among the "chocolates" of the edition, The booksellers, a documentary about bookstores specializing in antique and collector books or Centoventi against Novecento, about the legendary football duel between the filming teams of Hall or the 120 days of Sodom, of Pasolini, i Novecento, by Bertolucci, with its directors at the helm. Also, a "cool" comedy with Dakota Johnson, The peanut butter falcon.

Again, the festival, which keeps surprises on who will step on the red carpet, wants to arouse curiosity and, in close connection with the publishing world, remains true to the slogan "where film is as good as a book." And at the BCN Film Fest, summarizes Casanovas, "our particularity is the culture".

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