President Trump's son Eric accused Bob Woodward on Wednesday of writing a sensational book to "make three extra shekels" – whereupon the Watergate reporter said, "Speak like that … it's bringing us back."

In an interview with "Fox & Friends," Eric Trump accused Woodward of writing "Fear: Trump in the White House" as a greedy robbery.

"Do not think people are looking at the fact that you can write a sensational, meaningless book, CNN will definitely have you there because they love destroying the president," said Eric Trump. "It means you sell three additional books, you make three extra shekels."

The shekel is an old currency that is still used in modern Israel – and some said that its use of the term "shekel" to describe a greedy act was anti-Semitic.

"Eric Trump said this morning that Bob Woodward made three additional shekels at the behest of the American people with his book, is Eric too stupid to know that he is anti-Semitic?" Tweeted conservative pundit Bill Kristol, a frequent critic of President Trump.

Woodward later called Eric Trump's comments unhappy.

"I just hope no one would talk that way, frankly," Woodward told CNN Anderson Cooper. "It brings us back."

The younger Trump declined to discuss the matter with the Washington Post.

"Oh wait, it's nonsense," said Eric Trump, whose sister Ivanka had converted to Judaism after the wedding with Jared Kushner.


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