Eric Zemmour thanks the prefecture and its “effective measures”, 200 opponents demonstrate against his coming

This Saturday afternoon, Eric Zemmour is doing a signing session at the CCVA in Villeurbanne.

Except that the arrival of the leader of Reconquest! is not accepted by many people. At the call of extreme and ultra-left groups, as well as unions and political parties, a demonstration began at midday at the Flachet metro station, a few dozen meters from the CCVA where Eric Zemmour will go at 2 p.m. About 200 people are there.

A banner “Nazis out of our streets” was deployed at the head of the procession initiated by the Young Guard.

Tensions are high, with CRS preventing demonstrators from advancing and entering the prohibited perimeter decreed by a prefectural decree. Tear gas canisters were fired as some tried to advance and entered the perimeter.

The fear of the State services is that clashes will break out between supporters of Eric Zemmour and opponents of the latter. In the procession, the rumors fuse, one evokes the possible presence of identities in the district of the Gratte-Ciel. Information not verifiable.

Behind the forces of order, a small group formed in front of the doors of the CCVA to be the first to enter and meet the former presidential candidate.

Before signing his book “I did not say my last word”, Eric Zemmour gave journalists a few minutes. “The prefecture has taken effective measures. I have known places where I was left alone in the face of the unbridled violence of the antifas. We must pay tribute to the prefecture”he said.

On the choice of Villeurbanne, the former columnist believes that there is “no provocation (on his part, editor’s note), I have the right to go anywhere in France like them, I am a French citizen. There is no violence today because they see that they are in position of weakness”.