Erica Meiland: ‘Private detective Sander only wanted me for fame’

Erica reveals: “It’s just been dating, not a relationship. But he likes attention, let’s just leave it at that.” According to Erica, that is also the reason that he contacted her at the time. “I didn’t notice that in the beginning, people around me did bring it up. But looking back, I think that’s how it happened.” Daughter Maxime immediately realized what was going on. She laughs: “I’m always the one who works for someone in the family – that’s what I’m always called. So I thought: shut up for once, Max, but it still didn’t end well.”

Earlier, Aran spoke with Marieke Elsinga. Specially for Aran on Tour Marieke gets a lift from Aran to her gym. Along the way they tell personal stories and at one point it also involved Peter R. de Vries.