Erica Meiland turned off by Chantal Janzen: ‘Spells nonsense’

The fact that Erica called Muslim women ‘penguins’ in her biography was not acceptable to Chantal. The presenter took the TV star hard because of her statements about Islam in Jinek last October.

“You say, ‘I know there isn’t a girl who likes wearing a headscarf.’ Then I think: dear Erica, you can’t say that, because you can’t determine that,” Chantal said at the time Chateau Meilandstar at the RTL talk show table.

The way Chantal said that then still bothers Erica. She says: “I sat with Jinek for the book. She picked that part about Muslim women in burqas. Fine. I sit there and she can ask me anything. Then you have Chantal Janzen next to you – I always liked her very much, funny and beautiful – grossing silly comments.”

According to Erica, Chantal had not delved into the subject at all and she spouted nonsense ‘just to be good’. Erica: “When Wim Sonneveld joked about nuns being mistaken for penguins, they only laughed. But nuns are Catholic, not Islamic. That must be the difference.”

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