Erick Thohir Admits There is a Sale and Purchase of Positions in BUMN, the Price of the Managing Director is IDR 25 Billion

PEOPLE’S MIND – The Minister of SOEs, Erick Thohir, has been outspoken about the sale and purchase of positions at state-owned companies.

Erick Thohir revealed the price of the position for the President Director of SOEs in the range of Rp. 25 billion.

However, Erick Thohir was reluctant to reveal the name of the company and the identity of the top brass of the state company.

According to Erick Thohir, it is actually very easy to find money from the position he currently holds.

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“The easiest way is in BUMN, looking for money is changing positions, that’s a lot of deposits,” said Erick Thohir as quoted from Akbar Faizal Uncensored’s YouTube.

The reason is, this practice occurred before he became the Minister of SOEs, where individuals who wanted to serve as President Director of SOEs made deposits.

“One director was once valued at Rp25 billion, a big director. The main director was Rp25 billion if you want,” said Erick Thohir.

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Erick Thohir also ensured that the sale and purchase transactions for BUMN positions would not happen again at this time.