Erico Galeano must be challenged in the Senate for the process to continue, says lawyer

Lawyer Cristóbal Cáceres, legal representative of Erico Galeano, accused of alleged money laundering and criminal association, pointed out that his client has immunity due to his status as elected senator. The legislator is being investigated within the framework of the A Ultranza Py operation.

“There is a legal impediment. He has constitutional protection for being a congressman and must necessarily be challenged in the Upper House for his process to continue,” explained the legal professional in communication with radio 1000 AM.

He mentioned that his defendant has privileges as an elected legislator, this after he was recently proclaimed as a senator elected by the Electoral Justice, after losing his immunity as a deputy.

“When the accusation is formulated, Erico Galeano has parliamentary privileges, and the judge cannot take functions that are the responsibility of another State power, which are the ones that should study the violation or not, for the purposes of being submitted to jurisdiction,” he added.

Deputy Erico Galeano was charged by tax agents Silvio Corbeta and Deny Yoon Pak, for the alleged punishable acts of money laundering and criminal association, within the framework of the A Ultranza Py operation.



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2023-06-01 19:37:33

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