Erik van Muiswinkel had ‘goosebumps’ during Hoofdpiet comeback

The 60-year-old comedian left in 2016, together with his colleague Jochem Myjer, after two decades Sinterklaas news because they felt that Piet’s color wasn’t changing fast enough. That year, RTL decided to say goodbye to the traditional black-painted Piet. The NTR waited another three years for the transformation to be completed.

Eric now plays the role in the YouTube series The Staff of Sinterklaas. This is made in consultation with Jerry Afriyie, leader of the action group Kick Out Zwarte Piet. The Pieten in the series have a warm, sun-colored complexion because they spend most of the year in Spain. The packages are delivered with a special golden key, making the chimney and even soot smudges a thing of the past.

The comedian is happy that so many cities have said goodbye to the black-painted Pieten in the past five years. “It’s about making the Pieten look festive,” he told Radio 1. “The new color makes no difference to the children, to the atmosphere of the party and to any recognizability that opponents always point out. The party works. might as well without that 19th-century caricature we had before.”

By the way, he still faithfully watches it Sinterklaas newshe confesses. The comedian is full of praise for his successor, Niels van der Laan: “The Hoofdpiet who is now walking around is a genius.” The first episode of the new season of The Staff of Sinterklaas can be seen on YouTube from Monday.