Erika complains: “It always takes me off my feet when I hear my husband speak Italian”

In our series Stars on Vacation, we’re asking domestic actors, presenters, comedians and other celebrities about how they’re getting ready for this year’s holiday. The Mother of the Goddess of the Mother of God, Erika Sajgál starts the summer in England and then continues to work, but a longer, late summer vacation can also fit into the days full of work.

Coloré: How will the summer go?

Erika complains: This summer is especially nice to me because our first few days trip is to Cambridge: we’re going to our son’s graduation ceremony. I was released from the filming of Godmother for this big event, and then I stand back in front of the camera.

Is it enough to take a break?

We plan smaller trips, but since we live in the woods, I can feel like I’m on vacation all year round. I constantly dig, plant, paint, decorate and DIY in the garden so I never get bored. We are planning a ten-day trip to Sicily in October. We used to be in Italy every spring, and since the weather is beautiful even in the early fall, we get up and it will be this holiday.

With the actress’s son Domonkos and their puppy / Image source: Sajgál Erika

Do you spend your vacation actively or passively?

I really like the beach and the sun, but we always shape our vacation so that we get to know the countryside like a star tour. We are planning a trip to Sicily with a couple of friends. Our friend Gyuri is an architect-painter, my husband speaks very good Italian and they know a lot about Italy, so they are great as a tour guide.

It is exciting to immerse yourself in other landscapes and foreign cultures.

Are the scenery and coastline attractive, or is there food for which they returned to Sicily?

I like to cook, so I make a lot of things at home, but I love the Italian pubs with checkered tablecloths. We really like fish and seafood, so if we’re there, we make up for the amount of fish left over during the year.

Are you trying to learn Italian to better understand the locals?

My big shortcoming is that I haven’t started learning yet. That, in turn, takes me off my feet when I hear my husband speak Italian – it’s very sexy, so it’s time for me to stab myself! So far, I’ve been busy with English to be comfortable in my child’s environment, but I’m also in a great mood for Italian. It’s wonderful for a person to have a lot of work to do, but sometimes it’s good to look for new challenges that surprise ourselves.

The actress with her children in Keresztanyu: Viktor, Igor and Taty: Máté Hunyadi, László Józan and Zelda Koch-Bulla

The actress with her children in Keresztanyu: Viktor, Igor and Taty: Máté Hunyadi, László Józan and Zelda Koch-Bulla / Image source: Erika Sajgál

Where else can we see you besides the Godfather?

My great love with my husband, István Kovács, is the Operetta King, which we will present again at the Jewish Cultural Festival. Before the virus broke out, we had just started playing at the Spinoza Theater, so the audience hadn’t seen it many times. The piece deals with the story of the marriage of Imre Kálmán and his wife Vera. Vera was an energetic personality, Imre a clumsy thoughtful man. Maybe that’s why Gábor Czeizel thought about our duo, because there are some similarities between Imré Kálmán and our relationship. I am grateful for the fate that we have met in a more peaceful world, although we are often frightened in recent months.

In addition, I can play contemporary pieces in the Rózsavölgyi Salon and Dunaújváros next season. Their specialty is that both were written by women and are mostly played by women. I’m not a very militant feminist, but I’m glad I found these jobs so we can talk about women’s lives and souls – where, of course, it’s all about men!

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