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After experiencing dark moments due to the infidelity of her husband Aldo Miyashiro, Erika Villalobos He continues to receive the support of his friends and especially his family. The actress shared images of the surprise that her daughter prepared for her to honor her for her Mother’s Day.

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With pink balloons, a romantic cake and breakfast in bed, This is how the minor received her mother Érika Villalobos. The artist did not hesitate to get excited and record the moment under the title “I love you”.

However, that was not all, the still wife of Aldo Miyashiro dedicated some heartfelt words to his entire family, with whom he shared the last Sunday for Mother’s Day. The great absentee was the ‘Chinese’.

Do you know? I have the best family in the world (You will tell me that it is yours and well… it will also be true) Anyway, we will not argue over trifles, I just hope you can enjoy it on this special day. Wishing moms all the happiness, they deserve it (always, not just today) for all the sacrifice and love given. Finally, dedicate this day to the queen of my life, my Mommy, thanks to her I am what I am. I hope, Mamita, that you keep smiling like you do now. You more than anyone deserve to be happy. I love you,” she wrote on her Instagram account.

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TROME | Érika Villalobos received a surprise from her daughter for Mother’s Day


Erika Villalobos He surprised his followers by sharing a video of his new fitness life after the notorious ‘ampay’ of Aldo Miyashiroher still husband, who was captured by the cameras of Magaly Medina being unfaithful to her with the former reporter of the program ‘La banda del chino’, Fiorella Retiz.

The clip of the actress was accompanied by a message, where she admitted that “quite a while” I did not practice exercises.

I’ve been sedentary for a long time, but it’s time to resume exercise that -as they say- not only changes your body but also your mind, your attitude, your mood. Does anyone also dare to start? ”, Wrote the renowned national interpreter.


The television host Magaly Medina presented a report on Aldo Miyashiro and his surprising action on social networks: he deleted all his photographs next to Érika Villalobos on Instagram. After this, the ATV presenter dedicated a revealing message to him.

As Medina explained, for her this action of the popular presenter of “La Banda del Chino” would only reflect his intention to erase his “romantic history”. In addition, she stressed that Érika Villalobos should have been the first to erase the memories of her “unfaithful husband” from her.

“This is a rare event, he has taken all the photos he had of his wife Érika Villalobos. On her Instagram there are no photos of her together with her or her, it is as if she were trying to erase her romantic history of many years. He has tried to delete it from his Instagram. The only photo he keeps is where he pays homage to Erika’s father when he passes away “he stated.

“Rather, it would be Erika who was offended, the one who should have removed all the photos of her unfaithful husband from social networks. In this case it is Miyashiro, that could be taken to mean that he somehow did not want to continue with this marriage and that now he wants to break any ties that bind him to his ex-wife ”, he added.

Likewise, Magaly Medina pointed out that the exposure of Aldo Miyashiro’s infidelity with Fiorella Retiz would have been “a good pretext” to end his marriage with the national actress.

“Who knows? The ampay was a good pretext to end a relationship that was no longer going through his best moment and for him it was like a weight that was lifted off him ”Medina specified.

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Érika Villalobos indirectly referred to the entertainment programs that provide false information and lose track of dealing with a topic. It should be noted that the Magaly Medina program shared images outside her home receiving flowers.

“There is a lot of misinformation, so we as viewers also have to demand better information. You can’t accept anything, not just because someone said it on television, it’s true, I mean certain things, but there are others that are obvious, but people believe them simply because someone said so. Most of the time it’s not like that because people don’t know people because nobody knows me, I’m not stupid, but people talk as if they are”, he pointed out to Orozco.

Finally, the still wife of ‘Chino’ Miyashiro’ remarked that it is not difficult to endure silence because over time she has learned that it is the best option. “Then the trouble will pass.”said.