Erman Özgür: “The players in Trabzonspor have accepted the boss!”

Erman Özgür, one of Trabzonspor’s former football players, evaluated the burgundy blue team’s victory in Göztepe.

Erman Özgür, one of the former players of the burgundy blue team, commented on the match in which Trabzonspor defeated Göztepe 1-0 in the 10th week of the Super League.

Erman Özgür, who praised Trabzonspor’s coach Abdullah Avcı and young star Abdülkadir Ömür, evaluated Tivibuspor as follows;


It was Göztepe who played the first half. However, they could not find the goal. With the move of Siopis in the second half Trabzonspor became more resistant. Göztepe could not continue the first half in which they played at high tempo. The day was born for talented players like Abdulkadir. I think that Hodja Abdullah gave him an assist for not giving up on him after the match, when he came to the side crying, too. The star of the match is Abdulkadir. He is the only player in both teams to go in and out with dribbles. He is the only player who put Trabzonspor in position during the match. This is self-expectation. You can’t do anything special in every position. You have to play it simple from time to time. Abdulkadir’s choices were wrong at the beginning of the season, but with the chance of Abdullah teacher, his knowledge of the position increased.

Siopis remained alive after entering. We saw what he did when he was alive. It’s too early to say such things, but you don’t have two protagonists who have played in all the matches you’ve won so far. Hamsik played very mediocre. In such a situation, if Abdulkadir can come out and bring you the victory by taking the stage, it is one of the matches that is a bit of a champion. If you can win when you are so short, it is a very special victory from such an away.

As of the roster, all players have accepted the boss. This is the most important detail in football. They believed in the justice of the jersey, that he would give the jersey to those who play well and to those who deserve it. It is a team that plays from the infrastructure, young people and foreigners.

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Leadership may require more winning games than game quality. It was the same in this game. A team that succeeded in winning and caught this habit. He has a very, very good defender tandem. They have the best goalkeeper in Turkey. Gervinho was mediocre, but he scored a very valuable goal, he deserved the pass. Except for Abdulkadir, there was no good performance on the offensive line. Abdülkadir is a football player who deserves freedom with his current appearance. He made the explosion in the Fenerbahce match, and his effects continued today. He gave his all until he left the game today. If he shows himself in big matches, he is the football player from Trabzonspor with the most potential to go to Europe in the footsteps of Yusuf Yazıcı. He’s been doing well for 3 games.

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Abdullah Avcı is the one who should be talked about as much as Abdülkadir Ömür in Trabzonspor. It is very difficult to play there, to manage the team. You won’t be affected by some things. There are also many people who say a lot about Abdulkadir. Being a coach is more difficult in a place like Trabzonspor. He explained what he was going to do before the match one by one. Abdullah is a great chance for Trabzonspor. The texture has kept from last year. Trabzonspor had bottomed when he arrived, now he is on the way to the championship.



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