“Errance” or the beautiful colorful universe of François Rogliano at the Arsenale di Bastia

Self-taught, having discovered and loved painting through his father, himself a painter, François Rogliano has been playing with the brush on canvas for many years, but “Errance” is his first exhibition. Thanks to her we discover a talented artist, leaving nothing to chance, using the codes of both painting and photography: golden ratio, geometry, chromatic star, light… The line is fine, the colors beautifully worked , the omnipresent detail, nods to mythology hidden in the canvas…

« I work a lot with photography “explains the artist” and I make my canvas from a single photo if it is a landscape such as my oils on Bastia or Corte, but also with a superposition of several photos for works on mythology ».

This exhibition revolves around the themes of Bastia, Corti, Erbalonga, scenes from mythology or a Minoan epiphany. A total of twenty paintings in a personal style between pointillism and material taping. The paintings are accompanied by texts by Joseph Ugolini, author-composer, friend of the artist.
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* The Arsenal – Bastion North – Peter Sea Space – Citadel of Bastia
Tuesday to Saturday from 2 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. (sanitary pass)