Erste Liga: twisty battle, Gyergyó advances to the semi-finals with a sweep

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Gyergyó won 4-3 in extra time as a guest of Dunaújváros on Friday’s game day of the Erste Liga ice hockey quarter-finals, ending the series with a sweep and reaching the top four. In the other game on Friday, Brasó won 5-1 at the home of defending champion Csíkszereda, and they are only one win away from advancing.

Gyergyó goal joy (Photo: Steel Bulls/Fábián Anda)


In the first period, Dunaújváros, fighting to stay in the competition, built a two-goal advantage – scored the first goal with a man advantage, the second with a double man advantage. The second period belonged to the guests, they scored two goals, and in the third period, not quite six minutes before the end, Péter Vincze already took the lead for Gyergyo from a penalty kick.

But it wasn’t over! The Steel Bulls had a man advantage, the game was almost over when Balázs Somogyi scored the equalizing goal – twenty-four seconds before the end of regular time…

The encore lasted for a good 13 minutes, when Christopher Bodó scored Gyergyó’s victory and advancement goal.


After the first period ended 0-0, the people of Brasov started the second period with a man advantage goal, they scored two more goals in the middle of the half in a minute and a half, and then a fourth in the same period, deciding the match.

The team from Csíki only managed to improve with a double man advantage in the tense, exhibition-filled third period.

The next match will be played on Sunday in Brasov; if the hosts win, they advance.


DUNAÚJVÁROSI STEELBIKÁK–GYERGYÓI HK (Romania) 3–4 (2–0, 0–2, 1–1, 0–1) – in extra time
Dunaújváros, 270
viewer. V: Mach, Renátó Tóth, Árkovics, Kocsány
DAB: KÓVÁCS D. – Brus, VARGA A. / Lammi, SVARS / Léránt, Márk Vas / Kmec (1), Strenk O. – Embrich (1), Ödman Hadzinikolic, VALTOLA 1 (1) / Marosi, Mihálik, Cs. Szabó / Niskanen, SOMOGYI B. 2, Szalma / Bence Dézsi, O. Pinczés, Ribcsik (1). Coach: Niko Eronen
GEORGE: RINNE – Haaranen (1), MARTTINEN / Fejes, Saari / Imre, Zs. Kozma – BODÓ 1, B. Orban (1), Tranca / Sárpátki 1, Sylvestre (1), VINCZE P. 2 / Császár, Sándor-Székely, Szigeti / Bíró G., DiDiomete. Coach: Zoltán Szilassy
Shots on goal: 36–43
Goal – man advantage: 5/2, ill: 5/2
The final result of the match that lasted until the fourth victory of one side: 4–0 in favor of Gyergyó
Niko Eronen:
– After the disappointing game on Thursday, the guys pulled themselves together nicely, they didn’t want the duel to be decided now. They fought great, they showed something of why we reached the quarter-finals, and although you are obviously disappointed at this time, if you have to lose, then we should rather suffer a defeat in a match like this.
Zoltán Szilassy: – Either DAB started well, or we started very badly, but the fact is that we quickly fell behind by two goals. We fought back with hard work and took control from the middle of the match, but the home team’s equalizer in the last minute was not without merit either. We beat a good team, of course we are happy to advance.

SC Csíkszereda (Romania) – CORONA BRASOV (Romania) 1-5 (0-0, 0-4, 1-1)
Csíkszereda, 1950
viewer. V: Babic, Korbuly, Kövesi, Magyar Á. (Romanian)
STRIPES: Adorján A. – Salló, Schaus / Savcsenko, Ferencz-Csibi / Mikkola, Láday / Bajkó Cs. – Krikunov, Milan, Szkachskov / SOFRON (1), STACH 1, Vesely / Becze T., Reisz, Péter B. / Casaneanu, Fodor Cs. Coach: Jeff Paul
BRASSO: POLC – Sweeney, Clarke (1) / Garcia, O. Williams / Bors, BORISZENKO 1 (2) / Gajdó T. – Kóger D. 1, Schaber (1), VanWormer 1 / Domingue 1, Gliga 1, VALCHAR (3) / Gajdó B., Sills, Szabó K. (1) / Antal, Buda, R. Vasile. Coach: Dave MacQueen
Shots on goal: 37–29
Goal – man advantage: 6/1, ill. 6/2
The score of the duel until the fourth victory of one side: 3–1 in favor of Brasó
Jeff Paul:
– In the second period, we seemed to slow down, we let the match slip out of our hands, but the duel can go on for seven matches, so we still have a chance to turn it around. We have to play harder and use our chances more effectively. I expect more from my team.
Hunor Strenk (coach): – We controlled the match almost the entire time, and we were able to carry it out. It is very difficult to win at Csíkszereda’s home, especially twice in a row. We are proud of our victories, but as they say, the fourth strike is always the hardest to land. Our goal is to end the duel on Sunday and advance.