ESC 2022: Malik Harris sings for Germany in the final – music

Since TV preliminary decision “Germany 12 Points” on March 4th, 2022 it is certain: the singer Malik Harris (24) drives for Germany Eurovision Song Contest 2022 to Turin.

Malik Harris is a German-American pop singer, rapper and songwriter. His father is the musician and presenter Ricky Harris (Jungle Camp 2016).

What Malik is looking forward to in Turin: “I really enjoy being on stage. That’s what matters to me. Of course I would like to win, but even if I end up behind it wouldn’t change much for me. I don’t see the ESC as a competition, that’s secondary for me. For me, this is an event that harmoniously brings the continent together under one beautiful sign – music.”

With his song “Rockstars”, Malik wants to give a glimmer of hope in difficult times and show that we humans are all in the same boat.

This is the musician Malik Harris

Name: Malik Harris

Date of birth: 27. August 1997 in Landsberg am Lech

Parents: Ricky Harris

Music Genre: Pop singer, rapper and songwriter

Social Media: @_malikharris_

Music runs in Malik Harris’ blood all around. His grandfather was an opera singer and one of his two grandmothers was a pianist.

✷ The beginning of his own career were cover songs, to which he accompanied himself on the guitar. Malik also taught himself how to play keyboards at an early age.

✷ He regards Ed Sheeran, Macklemore and Eminem as musical role models.

✷ Malik Harris has already tried studying: Spanish and French at the University of Augsburg. But he broke it off in favor of music.

Previous musical achievements

  • 2018: „Say the Name“
  • 2019: „Welcome to the Rumble“
  • 2019 EP „Like That Again“,
  • 2019 „Home“.
  • 2020: „Crawling“
  • 2020: „Faith“
  • 2020: „When We’ve Arrived“
  • 2021: „Bangin’ on My Drum“
  • 2021: „Dance“
  • 2021: „Time for Wonder“
  • 2022: „Rockstars“

Also interesting: In 2019 Harris made his first solo tour. He has also appeared as an opener for James Blunt, Alex Clare, Jeremy Loops, Tom Odell or LP.

Malik Harris spent a week on a Times Square billboard in New York City in October 2020 for the release of his single When We’ve Arrived.

His music style is a mixture: pop and rap are included, but some sounds like folk, rock or electronic music.

What dad Ricky Harris now advises his son Malik

Ricky on fans who want to bask in his fame: “Many women will come and introduce themselves to him, I know that. There are already many who approach him. He should watch out. You always have to keep a certain distance.”

Malik: “I have a girlfriend and I’m in an intact relationship. I’m not one to get involved with a fan. I don’t think of anything like that.”

► Malik Harris was selected with the help of ARD and third-party broadcasters. As the ESC expert jury, they chose those who were in the preliminary round from all the applicants and bands. 944 applications were received. Of these, six titles and their performers remained. Malik Harris finally won the trip to Turin and the appearance at the decision on May 14, 2022.