ESC winner: "An ex-boyfriend threatened me" - Conchita Wurst was blackmailed before HIV confession

ESC winner: "An ex-boyfriend threatened me" - Conchita Wurst was blackmailed before HIV confession

“Today is the day to free myself from the sword of Damocles for the rest of my life: I have been HIV-positive for many years,” wrote the travesty artist and singer Thomas Neuwirth, behind Conchita Wurst. Actually, this fact is irrelevant to the public, it says in the article: “But an ex-boyfriend threatens me to go with this private information to the public, and I will give anyone in the future the right to scare me and to influence my life in such a way. ” In treatment for many years Neuwirth has been undergoing medical treatment since the diagnosis. The virus was no longer detectable because of the uninterrupted treatment. Neuwirth goes on to say that although his family has known and supported him since day one, he “would have gladly spared her the attention of her son, grandson and brother. With the outing, the singer wants to encourage other HIV-infected people and signal against their stigmatization. “I’m well and well, and I’m stronger, more motivated and liberated than ever”, it says on the account of Conchita Wurst.
“Idiots will unfortunately always exist” Conchita Wurst’s fans reacted sympathetically and paid him respect for the courage to come out. “Today will be remembered as one of the best days of your life and will certainly encourage many others to take the reins in their own hands,” wrote one on Wurst’s Instagram page. Another regretted that sausage the decision was taken by a “cruel man”. Another said that HIV should not be a means of pressure nowadays. “Idiots will unfortunately always exist and stupidity is NOT treatable.” In the video: DSDS stars reveal the “Playboy” shoot, what they pay attention to in men

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