According to various Bolivian media, the alleged employee of Mauricio Soria made the mistake of wetting the seats of his truck while washing it.

Scandal in Bolivia: selector of that country is recorded while assaulting an employee with fists and kicks

Mauricio Soria, coach of soccer of Bolivia , he starred in a shameful incident in the middle of the street, when he was recorded while assaulting his alleged employee, He would have made the mistake of wetting the seats of his truck while washing it. According to the midst of that country, this provoked the coach’s angry reaction, since it would not be the first time this happened, which is why he sought to attack him in the street. But the story does not stop there. The Bolivian coach, despite the fact that the video shows how he hits and kicks the floor to which he would be his employee, went to the police station to report him because he had a black eye, product of the assailant’s defense. The police in Cochabamba, a Bolivian city where the events took place, arrested the 27-year-old. “Kicked me. I did not keep my hands crossed and I also answered him. I gave him one in the eye. He told me: ‘Look what you did to me’, and then he told his wife ‘bring me a gun, I’m going to kill this son of p …’, “said the young man. to the Bolivian Unitel channel. However, other versions indicate that the victim was a thief who tried to steal the house from Soria. The Bolivian Football Federation considers dismissing Soria, who has already starred in similar incidents with soccer players and fans.

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