Escape From Naraka Sold Cheaper in Indonesia Region

Quite successful with release Demo and features Ray-Tracing, now Xelo Games is back again with a surprising game development. This news seems to be related to the circulation of the game in the Indonesian market. As the title suggests, Xelo Games confirmed that Escape From Naraka will be sold cheaper in the Indonesian region. Curious how much it costs? Let’s continue the discussion Gamedaim News this one.

Escape from Naraka is a game first-person platformer with 3D graphics that use software Unreal Engine 4 so that it can deliver realistic graphics and dynamic lighting.

Escape From Naraka Will Be Cheap in Indonesia

Telling the story of a man who adventures to the underworld (Naraka) to save his lover, this game features many ornaments and mythological nuances originating from Bali. Game Escape from Naraka has also won several awards, namely Best Indie Game 2020 INDIEXPO, Top 10 Game from Indonesia G-STAR 2020, and Top 30 GAMEPRIME 2020.

Some time ago we had the news that Escape From Naraka Official arrival of new Visual features DLSS and Ray-Tracing. The presence of this feature seems to have triggered Xelo Games to give a special surprise for gamers from Indonesia. To ensure that Indonesian gamers can still enjoy the experience Escape From Naraka, they will sell this one game at a cheaper price.

Launch HiTekno, Xelo Games is planning to sell Escape From Naraka with price 15 USD or equivalent to IDR 200,000. However, they will not provide this price for the Indonesian region. The reason is that for Indonesia itself, Escape From Naraka will be circulated at a price of IDR 45,000 only.

Reasons Xelo Games Made This Game Cheaper

The price is of course very cheap and very different from the US version. They promise the same experience even though these games have different prices. Indirectly, Xelo Games wants Indonesian gamers to try their games and support the movement Anti-piracy. So, if you want to help the Indonesian Video Game Industry develop, then now is the perfect time.

We provide this special price to support the culture of buying genuine products and in the hope that it can reduce the number of game piracy. #MainOri With the support of fellow Indonesian gamers, hopefully the gaming industry in Indonesia can progress like Korea, China and Japan.

Xelo Games

If you are interested, Escape From Naraka will be released on 30 July 2021 future. You will be able to play this game exclusively on the PC platform. As usual, you can buy this game via the Digital Steam Store platform. So what do you think, are you interested in trying this game from Indonesia? For that, good luck!