Esmeralda Pimentel shares video kissing with Osvaldo Benavides

Mexico City /

Esmeralda Pimentel and Osvaldo Benavides became one of the most popular couples in the Mexican celebrity in 2018, the year in which they made their relationship official, but at the end of 2019 the actress revealed on the program Sun rises that she had ended her romance with the actor without giving details of the reasons; However, everything indicates that the famous they are back together.

Rumors that they had resumed their relationship began circulating in March when Emerald Pimentel shared a photo on Instagram, where he is seen accompanied by BenavidesWell, although his face is not observed if one can appreciate the tattoo that the actor wears on one of his arms.

Shortly after, Osvaldo Benavides published a photograph with Esmeralda Pimentel on the red carpet of the premiere of the film Mentada de padre (2019), along with this the actor wrote: Beautiful things found one of the makeup camper … “.

Esmeralda Pimentel did not take long to react to the publication of whoever her partner was and commented with some emoticons that represent a type of campfire.

Now the actress confirmed that Where there was fire ashes remain. And it is that Pimentel shared a romantic video in which he appears kissing Osvaldo Benavides, images with which Esmeralda Pimentel reaffirmed her love for the actor.

The clip lasts a few seconds, but you can see the actress wearing her new look, wearing a black hat and smiling at the camera, while Benavides kisses one of her cheeks. Suddenly she turns her face and plants a kiss on his mouth.

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To accompany her video, the actress wrote: “Us (Nosotros)”, a word with which she confirmed that she resumed her relationship with Benavides.