French coach Patrice Cartieron, the coach of the club's first football team, confirmed that the riots by Esperance and their rivals after the end of the match had spoiled our joy.

Esperance lost 3-1 in the first leg of the 2018 African Champions League final at the Burj Al Arab stadium in Alexandria.

"One of the Esperance players was hit by the foot and the scene was very unfortunate," said Cartieron in a press statement after yesterday's meeting.

He ended his remarks expressing his surprise at what happened from the fans of Esperance and the violence that was inflicted on Ahli by Esperance players after the game, and called for special protection for the team's mission in the return meeting in Tunisia.

The return match will be held at the stadium in Tunis on 9 November, when Esperance is expected to win a clean double to win the title