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Home News ESPN FPI says Saints Vs. Chiefs Super Bowl ahead

ESPN FPI says Saints Vs. Chiefs Super Bowl ahead

The two favorites have come out in this year's NFL championship game.

As we approach the National Football League postseason championship Sunday, two teams have clearly proven to be the best of the best when it comes to the ultimate prize.

After this past weekendIn the league's playoff action, Elite Eight is the final four, one step closer to Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta.

Who has the best chances to play in the game? According to the Football Power Index of ESPN, this honor goes to the Kansas City Chiefs, but the New Orleans Saints lie directly behind it.

Here is a summary of the chances of each remaining team, according to the FPI.

1. Kansas City Chiefs: 34 percent

2. New Orleans Saints: 33 percent

3. Los Angeles Rams: 18 percent

4. Patriots from New England: 15 percent

It looks like we're looking for a saints vs. Chiefs Super Bowl interested.

If that's the case, the league's championship bout would feature two of the most explosive offenses in the game, designed by the two quarterbacks currently fighting for the honor of the Most Valuable Players, Patrick Mahomes and Drew Brees.

To make the prediction come true, both teams have to defend their elite competition in their home stages next Sunday. Rematches from the regular season will be played in both games.

Kansas City lost to New England (43-40) in a highly anticipated game in October while New Orleans (45-35) beat Los Angeles 45-35.

The Chiefs then defeated the resurgent Indianapolis Colts in the AFC division round, and the Saints rebounded after an early deficit against reigning champion Eagles in the NFC game.

Whoever appears in the Super Bowl, one thing is for sure: there will be insult. This postseason marks for the first time in NFL playoff history that the four most common violations have reached their respective Conference Championship games.

The Chiefs ended the regular season as the most successful football team, averaging 35.3 points per game, followed by the Rams (32.9 PPG). The third-placed Saints scored 32.9 points per competition and the Patriots ranked fourth with an average of 27.3 points.

Mahomes led the league with 50 touchdown passes, becoming the third quarterback to beat that number. He was also the second player in NFL history to score 50 times and over 5,000 yards. He joined Peyton Manning, who posted an NFL record of 55 touchdown passes and Denver in the 2013 season.

Brees has now experienced a statistical setback, given the newly discovered offensive record of the Saints, but still broke his own time record (74.4), and this season broke the NFL mark for the career yard and became the fourth quarterback of all time to throw for over 500 career touchdowns.

The Chiefs have the highest point difference in the AFC with 144 points, while the Saints lead the league in this category with a total of 151 points. Kansas City is second here.


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