Essonne: A man stuck on the phone to the police to confess a murder before fleeing


Police officers. (Drawing) – Lionel Urman / SIPA
We know a little more about the victim of the man stuck S who phoned the police station d’Etampes on Thursday, and announced that he had killed a man in Morigny-Champigny, in Essonne .

The man found dead is 56 years old and according to “the first investigations diligentées”, he “would have hosted the alleged perpetrator at his home,” said the prosecutor of the Republic of Evry, Caroline Nisand, in a statement.

“No proselytizing activity”

The individual fleeing after the confession of this murder “was recently released from prison where he was detained on common law grounds”. It “is the object a S form However, the reasons for this follow-up must be analyzed with caution, in the absence of proselyte activity proven at this stage of the investigations “, explains the prosecutor. A criminal investigation was opened against X for murder on 14 April.


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